Why one must travel #theopenbook

I find traveling quite magical. While I mostly travel for work, I’ve discovered this strong affinity for what travel brings along.

Traveling is not about exploring places alone, it’s the time you give to explore who you are & what you’re capable of. I’ve traveled quite a bit in the past few years & I’ve realized that the time I spent in long transits, corner airport coffee shops, walkways, solo dinners, red-eye flights has been so instrumental in self discovery. These are the moments I take to observe people around me, absorb the nuances of different cultures, reflect on events in personal life, things to accomplish professionally & much beyond. In the inevitable rush of our mundane lives, my travel time is ‘my’ time & I absolutely cherish it. It gives you a surreal feeling of being connected & disconnected at the same time.

I’m quite an introverted personality & I had never traveled alone until my work demanded me to. There was, of course, a lot of apprehension when I started off but I now realize that solo traveling has given me the confidence & conviction that’s more powerful than anything else. It has given me the power to believe that I can take care of myself, I can find my way home if I’m lost, I can deal with different kinds of people, I can figure a way out — come what may. Traveling, for reasons like these, is pretty empowering.

I encourage everyone to embark on journeys — big or small & be bold to sometimes take those alone — especially if you’re a classic introvert like me! Try out places you’ve never been to. Figure stuff out. Take necessary precautions but step out of your comfort. Experiences like these are the best teachers.

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