7 Tips to Create a Remarkable Product

In the ‘old economy’ you could sell the most ordinary products or services with brilliant marketing.

Today, however, the competition is so fierce and aggressive and your audience is so undereducated (and spoiled for choice) that your offer HAS to be remarkable to succeed.

For us ‘remarkable’ in this context means: ‘something that people can’t help but talk about’.

Nowadays it’s not good enough to be ‘very good’, because that is what customers expect (it’s the standard), so people will not talk about something that is just very good.

So the big question is … how do you create something that people DO talk about?

Here are 7 tips to help you create a remarkable product:

  1. Make your product or service ‘extreme’
    Here we mean that your product or service has to be super fast or super slow, super exclusief or super cheap, enormous or miniscule. 
    Find the edges. Challenge yourself to move the boundaries and think about which boundaries are going to deliver the best marketing and financial results.
  2. Playing it safe is the most risky strategy. 
    In a saturated market, not standing out is the same as being invisible. 
    Design your product to be the opposite of anything like your product in your market. Some people will like it, some people will hate it, but everyone will be talking about it.
  3. If something doesn’t work, kill it, and move on
    When you realise that your product is not going to be remarkable, it’s time to change immediately. 
    It’s simple. If people aren’t fascinated by your offer, they will not talk about it and investing any further in this ‘boring product’ is a waste of time and money. 
    You cannot afford to — against your better judgement — invest more and hope for mediocre results.
  4. Instead of wanting to sell to everyone, focus on a select group of people.
    The clients who you attract at the start are crucial, because they are going to be talking with others about your product or service. 
    In other words, don’t make your product ‘normal enough for the masses’.
  5. Identify your most profitable target audience
    You have to find out which group of people delivers the most profit for your business and work hard to attract that group. It is your task to find out how to develop a relationship with these people, how you go about promoting your product and how you reward them. 
    Next to the select target audience that you are servicing, you have to ignore everyone else and not try to please the masses.
  6. Get ‘in the zone’
    You don’t have to be a genius to have your product be a hit, but you do have to have the right mindset, the right ‘zone’ for creation. 
    You don’t have to be filled with creativity. What you do need is the 5-step process that will help you to create a remarkable product or service, guaranteed. I share this process with you in the remarkable product master class. 
    If you want to make something mediocre, you won’t need this masterclass, but if you want to make something remarkable, something that people will talk about, something people will want to have, something they’ll stand in line to buy …. Then you should follow the masterclass.
  7. Don’t be a one hit wonder
    As soon as you’ve made a remarkable product (or service) it’s time to launch a new one. 
    Very few companies do this, because they found their remarkable product, more or less by accident, without following the 5-step plan. 
    However, the companies that understand the 5-step process, produce one product-hit after another (think of Apple, Google, Lady Gaga, to mention a few).

We’re curious …

Which products or service do you think are remarkable and … why?

Let us know in the comments below!

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