Better together: How Ugandans are improving procurement with data and dialogue

Children outside Makamba Primary School, Uganda, November 2017, Photo: GPE/Livia Barton

Demanding accountability: a network tracking public contracting across Uganda

AFIC’s Charity Komujjurizi with Silas Okumu, Chairman of Kisenge Primary School Parent Teacher Association, Credit: OCP/Jennifer Sleboda
AFIC delivered this letter to authorities on behalf of the Kisenge primary school community

Towards a new, more collaborative and open approach to public contracting

AFIC Executive Director Gilbert Sendugwa
The Ministry of Health’s latest procurement plan on the Government Procurement Portal (GPP)

Putting open contracting data to use: Identifying red flags

Data on Kabaale International Airport supervisory services contract in Uganda’s Government Procurement Portal (GPP) and key visualizations

A shared mission for better procurement: building relationships between civil society and government

Road work in Uganda. Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank
UNRA responds to public queries on social media

Better planning and budgeting

Construction of new classrooms at St. Matia Malumba Primary School. GPE/Livia Barton

Next steps and embedding a change of culture

“[We want] those who are mandated for oversight to be able to use this data to empower their decision making, [along with] those who are involved in service monitoring…and those who implement contracts,” says Gilbert Sendugwa.

What a lively schoolyard can look like. A primary school in Kampala, Uganda. Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank



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Open Contracting

Open Contracting

The Open Contracting Partnership works with government, civil society and business to make government contracting transparent through open data and engagement.