#ODCRefresh Workshop

Updating global open data principles at IODC18

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

When: September 25th, 2pm to 6pm

Where: Palacio Parque Lezama (Avenida Martín García 346)

Who: All are welcome

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The Open Data Charter is a multi-stakeholder collaboration between governments and experts working to open up data. It was founded in 2015 around six principles for how governments should be publishing information. The aspiration is that data should be open by default, timely and interoperable. More than 100 governments and expert organisations have joined the movement.

To ensure the Charter Principles continue to reflect the highest standards and meet the expectations of adopting governments, we started the process of updating the principles in May 2018.

Following a global consultation process and subsequent analysis of all the feedback received from open data communities, we are hosting this workshop together with the Open Data Institute and the Buenos Aires City´s Government to engage the open data community on the recommendations and suggestions provided by the three Expert Groups tasked with analysing all the feedback received from the review process.

The workshop purposes as a platform to gather inputs from the open data community of practitioners and implementers on the proposed changes to the Open Data Charter Principles, before the updated Charter is officially launched later in the year.

This workshop will offer a final opportunity for anyone interested in open data to help frame the Charter’s six Principles.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please email nati@opendatacharter.org