Call closed: Terms of Reference

Call for proposals to support refreshing the Open Data Charter Principles


The Open Data Charter Principles were set by governments and civil society as part of a global consultative process in 2015. In the three years since, it has become clear that the potential impact of open data is not yet being realised, despite some good individual examples. The sector is maturing, learning from what has worked and what has not.

As the Charter’s Principles are increasingly shaping the way policies around the world are created and delivered, we believe that refreshing the principles to include what has been learnt will help bridge the impact gap.

In the coming months, these principles will be reviewed and updated through a process that will include input from stakeholders and the Charter’s Implementation Working Group (IWG), and which will be culminating in a meeting at the 2018 International Open Data Conference in Buenos Aires in September.

The Charter’s working group which focuses on implementation of the principles — the IWG — will lead this process, through a set of expert groups and co-chaired by the Government of New Zealand and the Open Data Institute. The foundations have been laid, with four key themes identified by the Charter team. A key part of this process will be a survey of key stakeholders on their views on how the principles need to be updated. The results of this survey will shape the work of the expert groups. For more information on the process see Refreshing the Open Data Charter Principles Implementation Plan.

The Charter is seeking a consultant who can design an engagement and feedback mechanism around this survey, support a global participatory debate and who can carry out an initial analysis of the results, processing it so it can inform the work of the expert groups.

Key deliverables:

  • Survey for soliciting feedback on the updates needed for the ODC Principles
  • A processed, usable list of recommendations from the survey feedback, which will inform the work of the expert groups.

Summary of tasks:

  • Work with OD Charter team and Board to develop a survey to solicit views from key stakeholders on updates that are needed for the Principles
  • Support the team in the development of an engagement plan to encourage uptake of the survey, to include targeted outreach to government adopters
  • Carry out approx. 5 interviews with key government adopters, with logistical support from the Charter team and the Implementation Working Group
  • Manage responses to the survey, identify where there are gaps in responses in order to inform ongoing outreach to potential responders
  • Process and consolidate all responses into a list of suggestions for ways to update the Principles, highlighting where there is disagreement between respondents

Key milestones:

  • Delivery of survey — early April
  • End of survey period — end May
  • Delivery of processed responses — June


Negotiable depending on proposal $6000 — $8000 USD

How to apply:

Applications from individual consultants, researchers or organisations will be accepted. To apply, please submit a proposal (maximum 2 pages) of how you would carry out the above piece of work, together with a copy of the CVs of all proposed team members, a breakdown of costs and a sample of your previous relevant work to:

Selection process: proposals will be assessed by the Open Data Charter team, who may speak to small number of shortlisted applicants in advance of making any decision.

Closing date for applications in March 26th 2018 at 9am London time.

A downloadable format of the ToR can be found here.

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