Open Data Hack Bangalore 2017

Finalists of Open Data Hacks Bangalore 2017

Open Data Hack(ODH) Bangalore 2017 held on 14th & 15th of October, 2017 supported by RHoK India was part of the series of hackathons in India by Themes for Open Data Hack Bangalore 2017 were climate change, disaster warning systems and women health.

Open Data Hack(ODH) is a collaborative effort in solving day to day difficulties faced by local communities, civic bodies and non profit institutions. Technologists, designers, innovators and government bodies with great social insights come aboard for a day together to build technology based solutions availing enormously accessible free open data.

ODH Bangalore 2017 was hosted by BMS Institute of Technology & Mgmt., Bangalore in partnership with The free software club, Opencube Labs (, Hidden Pockets (, Hey Medy ( and BAE ( The event had a total participation of 150 for the 24 hours long hackathon.

The problem statements for ODH Bangalore 2017 were :

  1. Detecting harmful algae blooms(HABs) using NOAA satellites image data for Indian beaches and provide precautionary early measures to people going around those beaches. #opencubelabs
  2. Predicting sun exposer/UV intensity around housing societies, apartments, schools and colleges. #opencubelabs
  3. Monitor significant earthquakes of past and build a early warning system for coastal parts of India. #opencubelabs
  4. Do a heat map of bangalore by relating all possible healthiness factors. #heymedy
  5. Women rarely get to look at cities from their health perspective. Using open data how to encourage women to use abortion clinic in cities of Bihar? #hidden-pockets
  6. Open tree maping system for Bangalore #gubbilabs
Talk by Jasmine, Founder Hidden Pockets

The hackathon morning kick started with a keynote by Suraj Jana, Global community coordinator for followed by a motivating and encouraging talk to all the women coders in the room by Jasmine, Founder of Hidden Pockets.

Most of the participants came in teams and the rest formed their teams on spot networking over coffee. Few participants also traveled from near by cities like Mysore, Chennai & Vellore for this event. We started the Hack counter at 10:30 A.M on 14th October, 2017.

Hack counter at ODH Bangalore 2017
Kahoot night at ODH Bangalore

Hackathons are not just about building technology, so we had a Kahoot night with our participants and they enjoyed it :-D

Few interesting hacks were build during this 24 hours long hackathon.

Team from BIT, Bangalore

The BIT, Bangalore team built solutions to tackle the pot holes and the water logging problems in the city with IoT devices.

Team from BMSIT&M, Bangalore

A team of students from Dept. of EEE, BMSIT&M start working on setting up a community weather station for this part of the city.

Team from VIT, Vellore

VIT, Vellore team used a couple of COTs with open hardware and built an early earthquakes warning system for the urban and the rural population of the country.

Team from AMC, Bangalore

The team from AMC with women coders started the project of open street mapping of all the quality abortion clinics in the state of Bihar and extend it to the national scale.

Team from MVIT, Bangalore

MVIT, Bangalore team worked on the problem statement to heat map the entire city on the different trends in health issues spreading to different locations of the city and the factors affecting those.

Dr. Malaka Reddy, Professor from Dept. of CSE, BMSIT&M, Jasmine from Hidden Pockets and Suraj from ODH community were the mentors for the whole hackathon.

ODH community will now take the above projects forward and mentor them to go live and scale it in the span of next 6 months.

If interested in hosting an ODH event do write to us

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