Maker Wharf is a hidden gem of coworking in Shoreditch, London

Maker Wharf is a friendly coworking space rooted in the local East London community. We caught up with Cesar and Adam, the vicar at St John on Bethnal Green, who together with help of volunteers converted this church hall into a multi-use coworking space. But there’s a bigger idea behind Team Desks that makes Maker Wharf extra special. The concept underpinning the venture is finding underutilised spaces in urban areas, revamping them, then giving them back to the community as a place to meet, work or host events.

Opendesk: What is the story behind Maker Wharf?

Ceasar Paita: At a time when tech-lash is on the rise, our mission at Maker Wharf is to explore the future of work helping to create the sustainable trades of the future. A coworking community based in Shoreditch, East London, we provide shared desk, meeting rooms and events space to our members, as well as priority access to property guardianship.

Opendesk: How did you came across Opendesk?

Ceasar Paita: We came across Opendesk via a personal connection who’d had a fantastic experience with the company and felt the concept a great fit for our unique coworking environment and brand mission. We love exploring new technologies and smart products and were sold on the idea of ‘Open Making’ — a downloadable product design which could be built by local craftsmen. We had ours built by Sheffield fabricator ChopShop — who did a fantastic job, quickly and affordably.

Opendesk: So how do you like your furniture so far?

Ceasar Paita: Hard wearing and custom built — what’s not to like? We will soon need new furniture to fill our huge space and will certainly come back to Opendesk when the time comes.

Opendesk: What are the next steps for Make Wharf?

Ceasar Paita: In addition to our work of supporting entrepreneurs, innovators and makers along the journey, we want to create meaningful work of their own. At Maker Wharf we are now entering a new phase — one which we are calling the ‘Gym of Rest’; a period of learning together how to work and rest better, with the goal of helping our members to simplify their lives. Over the coming months, we’ll be launching a series of new initiatives set to assist our members in fighting back against productivity killers and in making time for what matters most!

Photography by Josh Worley
Video by Tiny Wolf

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