Skill, re-skill and re-skill again. How to keep up with the future of work
World Economic Forum

The fundamental premise of this piece is that you must change professions throughout your life to survive. Such a premise is deeply flawed.

It’s basically saying all of your careers are likely to be dead ends. So don’t have one career have many! Simple solution to a simple problem right? I mean aside from it being thoroughly insane, sure.

A career is a life time vocation. It is not something you pick up on tuesday and go get a paid for on thursday. The adage goes ‘if you are good at something, you should never do it for free.’ The qualifier there being, if you are good at something. To become a professional in any career takes time. It takes life on the bottom rung of that career for several years or more. It takes long hours. It takes commitment.

What I point out to our interns and junior folks at work is, this. In your twenties you have so much free time, and so little risk exposure you can take all the chances you want. But, once you hit your thirties those chances become intolerable. You will lose your family safety net ( if you have one ). Your parents will grow old, and likely face medical complications. You will likely have a wife and children. You will be responsible for other people. And your time will vanish.

To expect someone to restart a career even in their thirties, is not an expectation that is going to set someone up for success. More to the point it is a tremendous loss of investment.

This entire piece basically says your investments in your career are worthless. And then suggests you meet an impossible standard to rise above that. And, that is abject folly. Whomever wrote this is an idiot.

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