OGP Strategic Refresh: Inviting Public Comment

Open Gov Partnership
Feb 3, 2017 · 32 min read


1. Rationale for a Strategic Refresh

2. Evidence Review — Lessons from the First Five Years

2.1 What is Working

2.2 What Needs Improvement

3. Strategic Refresh: Key Directions Forward

3.1 Strategic Priority #1 : Deepen Citizen-Centered Governance

3.2 Strategic Priority #2 — Broaden Collective Ownership of OGP Domestically

3.3 Strategic Priority #3 : Raise Collective Ambition, Peer Exchange and Learning across OGP Countries

3.4 Strategic Priority #4 — Strengthen Capacity, Coordination and Coalitions for Implementation

3.5 Strategic Priority #5: Review Performance Incentives and Rules of Engagement

3.6 Strategic Priority #6: Strengthen the OGP Brand and Communications Strategy

4. Implementing the Strategic Refresh

4.1 Roles of Key Actors

Steering Committee — Galvanize OGP Leadership and Governance to Drive OGP

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships for Scale and Impact

Align the OGP Support Unit to Play a Catalytic and Expanded Role

Strengthen IRM as an accountability mechanism

4.2 Financing the Strategic Refresh

Open Gov Partnership

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75 national & 15 subnational governments forming a positive movement for openness & democracy, and a countervailing force against the rise of closed government.

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