Step-by-step process to set up a local development environment on your laptop or desktop using Minikube and to run a Hello World website with MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js) stack.

This is an article in a series to build a software development stack that is quick, free, portable, and scalable.

What are containers, and why should you care?

Containers took the software infrastructure space by storm over the last few years.

Containers provide a portable packaging mechanism to bring all the dependencies required for running your software within one image and a container.

Developers can deploy container images across all of the container runtimes due to standards defined by Open Container Initiative for different platforms, including public cloud providers — AWS, Azure, and GCP.

What is Kubernetes, and why should you care?

Kubernetes (K8S) is an open-source container orchestrator that provides tools to deploy, run, and manage your containers and container images. …

Quick, Free, Portable, Scalable Stack To Build Software Products

Once your non-code prototypes prove that your idea has a pulse, you move to the next stage of writing code for a working prototype.

Here are some key tenets to build your base software development stack that is cutting edge, grows with your needs, and fits your constraints as a small organization.


The software stack has to support creating very fast and simple prototypes.

A tech idea is a like a bubble. …

What we listen to and read affects how we build. Here is a list of podcasts to inspire product builders.

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