What we listen to and read affects how we build. Here is a list of podcasts to inspire product builders.

I am a numbers guy. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. What are your metrics for measuring the success of your life?

You can have a meaningful life by maximizing personal happiness through relationships, achieving your professional purpose, while leading a life of integrity.

One of my gurus Clay…

ML does not just add another feature as an after-thought but is an entirely new architecture that compels us to completely rethink our relationships with our products and how we conceptualize, design, and develop them.

What makes an ML-first Product Manager (PM)? How do you develop the mindset, the skills…

The only thing that matters is getting to product-market fit. — Mark Andreesen, a16z

Corollary: The only thing that matters is getting to founder-product-market fit.

In this article, my goal is to first explain what product-market fit is, why it matters, and tell you some quantitative ways to figure out…

Positive habits are tough to form, especially, after a certain age.

Streaks are powerful.

Notifications help nudge you towards your goals. It also helps to have someone (or something) to keep you on track, continuously.

Like most of you, I started my new year with new resolutions. One of them…

“How different would the world look if people spent as much time listening to their conscience as they did to chattering broadcasts? If they could respond to the calls of their convictions as quickly as we answer the dings and rings of technology in our pockets?” …

In our previous post we discussed the basics of machine learning. In this post, we talk about what actually happens within a machine learning project.

Machine Learning follows a simple flow like a human brain to continuously enrich what the machine knows and applies it to make better decisions. It…

Your True North

I interviewed Bill George, author of best-seller books “Authentic Leadership” and “True North”. Bill is not just a great author and a leader himself, he is a wonderful coach and a teacher too. Here are the excerpts of this brief interview –

Hitesh: What is “True North” and how does…

Hitesh Parashar

Engineer, Product Builder, Investor

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