• April Underwood

    April Underwood

    Product lady, investor, sun-seeker. Formerly of Twitter, Google, Texas, Math Olympiad team or whatever.

  • Sean Bohan

    Sean Bohan

    I thrive at connecting the dots between Customers and Technology. Currently focused on: Innovation, Personal Data, Emerging Technologies, User Experience.

  • Shuchi Rana

    Shuchi Rana

    GTM head at HeadSpin/HeadSpin University. Former Head @SAP_iO SF. Co-Director Women in Big Data. Helping shape the future of Enterprise. Shuchi Rana.

  • dogo


    dogo is free-to-use software that helps you get feedback on your pitch deck and share it with investors

  • Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett

    Based in San Francisco. From Miami. Wharton grad. Building @soldsie!

  • Michael O'Rourke

    Michael O'Rourke

    Neighborhood node herder @ Pocket Network

  • Surya Hotha

    Surya Hotha

  • Henry Wang

    Henry Wang

    Growth engineer @surveymonkey

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