Bringing the culture of experimentation to everyone

By Ella Ronkainen & Olli Savisaari

Last spring we sat down to figure out what we could do to boost the idea of open innovation and gather experts from all different fields together to share their learnings and experience on this topic.

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Maria 01 — home for Open Innovation Meetups

Back in the day Industryhack organized weekend-long hackathons with big corporations. The idea was to introduce quick experimentation and pilot projects to the traditional, slow-moving industries. This is where our paths crossed for the first time.

As a newly founded company, Perfektio spotted a business opportunity, and noticed they could build their identity around open innovation and problem solving with quick, experimental projects.

So far, open innovation from a startup’s point of view has meant fierce competition against similar firms in hopes of landing a deal through innovation challenges and hackathons.

But what if, instead of competing with each other, we collaborate to bring the brightest minds from corporations and startups around the same table.

So, that’s what we did.

How strangers become acquaintances

Exactly one week ago on a sunny Tuesday evening we gathered more than 80 people to the heart of Nordic startup ecosystem — Maria 01 Hub in Helsinki.

To make the venue look less like a movie theater and more like a community space, it needed reorganizing. The setup lowered the bar for people to sit down with strangers in a small groups and share their insights from open innovation battleground. Even though the program was focused on the stage, the main role was played by the event participants.

Once the facilitated program came to the end, chatter filled the room as people started sharing their own experiences and stories. Wow, we actually sparked discussion among strangers.

We learned that there are so many hidden stories, waiting to be surfaced. We want to continue shining the spotlight on the biggest successes, but more importantly, on the greatest failures. Because that’s where learning happens.

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Opening Open Innovation Meetup

If you missed out on the previous events, don’t worry. The next meetup will be held on October 5th and we have more stories cooking.

See you there!

P.s.Want to get involved?

Industryhack has their first batch of Open Innovation Challenges open for application. You can learn more about their challenges here.

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