Apparently I’m a stooge of the Israeli government
Owen Jones

Sorry Owen, but this piece just further illustrates how compromised you appear to be.

JLM were straight up busted actively campaigning to smear people with fake antisemitism charges in order to subvert democracy and deny real representation to the ‘chavs’ you have made money from. The same organisation was sponsored in that goal by diplomats from the government that is actively oppressing Palestinian people. You use, in part, your passionate defense against antisemitism as justification, but then 2 seconds later, you tell us how you can put anti-fascist principles are put aside when the SWP is involved!

And lets be clear — you didn’t just refuse to speak at an anti-fascist rally, you actively and openly shat all over it. Hell, even in this piece, you speak more about your problems with the SWP than other peoples issues with JLM and the Al Jazeera revelations. I can’t speak much about the SWP issue, I was still taking the blue pill when it happened, and I refuse to be told what to think by media personalities, but surely you can see how this decision makes people question your integrity?