Gift cards are one of the most popular gift giving items, but the companies offering gift cards have programes which are inflexible or even misleading, giving users not many options to use their gift cards fully or replace the unwanted ones. This allows the retailers to get huge amounts of unspent balances. Centz, the world’s first gift card wallet and exchange, based on blockchain technology, will stop this by giving users the ability to use their gift cards in a flexible way, allowing companies to get more customers and gain additional income.

CEO and Founder of CENTZ, Jon Bricken, says, “Historical consumer behavior trends show that a portion of many gift cards will never be redeemed. Today, the gift card market is enormous and it is growing 10% per year, worldwide.“

As the world’s first gift card wallet and exchange system, Centz has a lot of benefits for users, as they can use their gift cards in a flexible way — but users aren’t the only ones who benefit from the Centz.

Centz also has great value for companies.

With Centz, the user can collect all their unwanted gift cards with or without some money left on them and combine them into one spendable, lump-sum, credit. The user can then buy gift cards for any other company they want goods or services from, making income for other partner companies in the Centz ecosystem.

Centz will also help to make the gift card industry more universal, as it offers the first gift card database that is worldwide. Additionally, the digital format lowers the cost of making platic gift cards as Cents gift cards live on the blockchain as digital entities.

Centz delivers a huge opportunity to disrupt the gift card industry based on their patent- pending technology and the use of blockchain. The entire gift card market is built to hide identities, since you can’t take someone’s money if you know who they are. By using them blockchain, it puts a known identity to each gift card so users can keep what is theirs, and eliminate any retailer’s ability to grab unspent gift card balances.

Centz ITO will take place from November 25 to December 15, 2017. For more information on participating in the Centz ITO, please visit https://centz.io/

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