GetGame is REALITY For Game Creators

With 107 billion in games revenue projected for 2017 by Global Games Market Report, the gaming industry has become one of the fastest growing industries. Today, being able to program has become a basic knowledge among majority of graduates, as it is part of many school programs.

Many people who are creative and have great ideas, whether they can implement them or not, do not have a place to go to help make their ideas a reality. There are many skills needed on the road to success. There is a need for additional skills, finances, marketing, plus a platform to centralize efforts. This is where GetGame offers a hand. This, all-in-one platform will be the number one destination for game creators, developers and dreamers.

Set to launch in the end Q4 of 2017, GetGame has many different facets for both game creators and investors.

Like Kickstarter, each game can create their own profile where investors can start investing in games they believe in and expect to do well. Each game will be given their own unique token that investors will be receiving in proportion to the sum invested. These tokens can be traded within the platform.

Payments can be made in USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, BTS, or any of the other currencies powered by OpenLedger, at the click of a button. Other tools include project management solutions, online advertising options, finding and hiring freelance with needed skills and more.

Before being accepted by the GetGame platform, each game must be validated, and agree to share 10% of their future revenue with GetGame and all its ITO tokens, REALITY (REA), holders. This way, investors can own a part of GetGame and be part of the future success of the collective. Soon, with the official debit card of OpenLedger, OCASH, cashing in that success can be done easily by withdrawal via debit card, bank transfer or with a Smart coin transfer.

In the end of Q2, GetGame will initiate a Crowdfunding or Initial Coin/Token Offering (ICO/ITO). The official token REA, short for REALITY, will be available in the GetGame website as well as other major exchanges including OpenLedger DEX and will be backed by the equivalent digital SmartCoin of USD named bitUSD with a proportion of the funds obtained as a market and liquidity buffer and showing on marketplace as USD. 10 million tokens in total are generated for this purpose. Prior to ITO, early bird option allows investors to get on board before the launch and get extra bonuses which include 50% extra tokens and 1 OBITS.WARRANT for every dollar spent.

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