Trillion dollar yearly Gift Card industry on the blockchain

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Welcome to the Centz crowdsale powered by OpenLedger and its suite of crowdfunding solutions. It is one of the first major crowdsales where you invite the small to midsize investors to join no matter where they live and let OpenLedger invest on their behalf with future dividends paid out in crypto currencies.

OpenLedger & Ronny Boesing presents Centz, a first of its kind crowdfunding offer that we are bringing to you through our platforms CCEDK and OpenLedger. We are revolutionizing the investment world through the crowdfunding method of the future. Centz is the first of many offerings that we have identified as being revolutionary and disruptive.

The Danish company OpenLedger will provide services as an intermediary for investors who wish to participate in coming blockchain crowdsales.

By acting as a trusted partner, OpenLedger will ensure the best possible outcomes for investors. The company will provide information for investors, and will hold funds on behalf of investors until they are satisfied that minimum goals have been achieved. The company will then pay out to investors based on dividends received.

The first very big crowdsale project that OpenLedger will be investing in is Centz — a blockchain initiative that aims to disrupt the giftcard industry with patented solutions to its frictions and problems.

OpenLedger offers large and small investors the chance to participate in the Centz crowdfund, working closely with the Centz team to provide accountability and to ensure that investors’ concerns are addressed.


OpenLedger started out as a decentralized exchange. On top of this DEX the year 2016 was used to build a decentralized conglomerate (mentioned in Forbes) of many businesses supported by recently revamped cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK. OpenLedger is a startup crowdfunding service provider, information exchange and ICO access point open to the public so anyone can participate in “deals of the future”. For the first time crypto investors of the world have the ability to get in front of the all the “professional”, “smart” money and reap the rewards that are usually reserved for a privileged few.


OpenLedger achieves crowdfunding success by giving startups everything they need. OpenLedger tailors it’s support package to each business to optimize it’s likelihood of success. The following is a list of services OpenLedger supplies, grouped according to category.

Marketing: Branding, Product Validation, Marketing & Business Strategy, Website Design & Creation, Investor Relations, Content Creation, Blog Promotion, Advertising, Whitepaper Creation, Translations, Video Production, Newsletter Coverage

Public Relations: Press Release Services, Media Coverage, Interview Arrangements

Legal: Legal Analysis, Regulatory Analysis, Token Structure Advising

Crowdfunding Technology: Asset Issuing, Asset Distribution, Crowdfunding Module, Multisig Escrow Service, Pre-Token Trading, Token Exit Options, and Token Crowdsale Page Creation

The above services are everything a startup could need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.



Centz will put every registered gift card identity and gift card balance on the universal gift card registery, which will be on the blockchain, providing total security and safety.

First universal gift card register placed on the blockchain

First time gift card identities are on the blockchain

First time gift card fraud is eliminated


Centz is a revolutionary fintech company that is going to first disrupt the worldwide $1 trillion USD dollar gift card market, and then change it in ways that have never been imagined.


Centz coins represent an opportunity for any individual to participate in a ground floor opportunity of a next generation of financial technology company.

• Participating in the Centz ICO allows you to invest in early rounds of funding, which up until now, has been the exclusive territory of the super rich

• Participating in the Centz ICO provides you with the largest outsized risk-adjusted returns compared to any investment

• Participating in the Centz ICO gives you access to institutional-quality equity offering online and in real time, truly the wave of the future

• Participating in the Centz ICO eliminates the historical minimum investment requirements for private equity deals

• Participating in the Centz ICO lets you become a venture capitalist


Centz has filed two patents that are groundbreaking and revolutionary that protect our business model and creates unique blockchain encryption security to prevent gift card fraud and money laundering. Centz is poised to file three additional patents that will secure additional IP that surrounds and extends our core technology.


NB! Make sure you dont miss out on this first of a kind opportunity where your investment becomes part of a fund operated by Danish OpenLedger to be used purely for the investing in Centz and with OpenLedger as the operator and lead investor making sure all is done according to expectations and set milestones.

It is always possible to send an e-mail to CEO Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger ApS for futrher details to finalize any major deal connected to this or any future projects we will be presenting. E-mail is

Check out some more information on Centz on the website where we will hold the ICO as well at

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