Bobby Swings vs Swing Copter

Bobby swings is a remix of swing copter

How to get a Higher score

Below are a few techniques we have learned while playing bobby swings. They have helped us play better and get a higher score. Please don’t try the techniques on swing copter because that has not worked for us.

Speed of taps with different positions of the strawberry

Starting Taps: When you start playing, do quick taps that keeps bobby in a straight line. When you get closer to the strawberry you can do a delayed/slow tap so that you can hit the strawberry. If the strawberry is close to the center stick with quick taps.

Taps when the strawberries are on the same end: In this case stick to the slow taps. The slow taps make it easy to hit the strawberries. You also need to be careful when crossing the bars, bobby has to be beyond the half the space before you tap and all will be well.

Taps when the strawberries are on different ends: In this case a combination of slow and quick taps. Once you cross the yellow bars stick to quick taps to keep you in the line of the strawberry. After hitting the strawberry then have a slow tap to help you go past the next bars.

Game Taps: The game will have a combination of quick and slow taps. You should be keen on when to switch to a different kind of tap style. Avoid getting lazy, that has been the biggest challenge making us hit the bars.

Why we think Bobby Swings is a remix

Most people will say Bobby Swings is a copy of Swing Copter but we have a different idea. In the music industry artists pick a song change the lyrics, add their own lyrics or have the own new lyrics and we call it a remix. Listening The Vamps — Oh Cecilia, reminded us of Simon & Garfunkel — Cecilia and that’s when it hit us bobby swings is kind of a remix to swing copter. We feel we did the same to swing copter, we took a game we felt could be better and made our own version.

Now, Bobby Swings vs Swing Copter

First, we made bobby’s movement smooth because we felt copter’s movement was not smooth making it hard to play the game. In bobby swings you collect strawberries while in swing copter to avoid the wrecking hammers. We made a tutorial and that can help you achieve a higher score. We cannot compare the two games much, all we can hope is you love our game.

Bobby Swings is available on iOS Store

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