Radioactive Blood in the Water: Part II — Incoming

Radioactive Blood in the Water: Part II — Incoming

Hour Five

  • SK government announces senate hearing to occur in one hour.
  • US military raises alert level to DEFCON 3 in response to NK statement.
  • China begins censoring all media references to North Korea on Sina Weibo
  • South Korea vessels report having found dozens of survivors. Specific figures remain unavailable at this time, but it is believed that at least 50 individuals died after rescue.

Hour Six

Hour Seven

  • Moderate sized crowds reported outside of South Korea train and bus stations and at Seoul and Incheon airports.
  • Airlines report all available seats to Busan sold out.
  • Unknown number of Chinese nationals reported among the survivors of the civilian vessel.

Hour Eight

What happens next? Tune in next time. Please feel free to include your thoughts on the exercise, including what you believe might happen next, in the comments section. Please include evidence, sources or other citations to support your claims.

Photo Via Wikimedia Commons (,_circa_1951_(6815496518).jpg)
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