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Why do we evaluate?

OpenStreetMap is an international community of citizens, experts in open geographical data, from different perspectives and specialties, and in methods of collaborative construction of information. OpenStreetMap is part of the trend of Voluntary Geographic Information.

The Mexican community of OpenStreetMap is mainly involved in 3 lines of action:

  • Strengthening the community (training and methodological support in projects, integration with academia and activism)
  • Procedures with government institutions for the importation of large public databases
  • Management with institutions to promote open and collaborative practices in its information management

As a community and ecosystem of technologies, OpenStreetMap has participated last years in several initiatives of participatory mapping of informal transport. This lack of good transport systems and lack of data is crucial in developing cities. …



Creando el mapa libre y editable de México y el Mundo Contacto: Facebook openstreetmap méxico — Twitter @openstreetmapmx

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