I Spent A Week With A Serial Killer.

My name is Martha and I used to have a serial killer as a friend. He was a Phd student studying something about death patterns in the 90s.

I didn’t know at first & I always suspected something about him was off but never imagined it would be that he was a cannibal.

I was barely 17, struggling to get into University and he was 40 or 41. There’s this thing where you visit different unis with conditional offers and have a “feel” of the environment to decide where you want to study. I met him on one of such visits, he was nice & knew pretty much everywhere in the city so we got talking.

First thing he said when we settled down to grab a bite was “do you ever get horrible intrusive thoughts?” I replied in the affirmative & we laughed about how funny it’d be to kick someone into a pile of dirt randomly or suffocate someone for no reason.

We stopped over at his house the next day to pick up a folder he left. He had piles of clothes all over, and pictures of crowbars and weird farming tools. I asked him about the pictures and he said he enjoyed drawing dangerous things. We laughed.

I was dazed when I got back to Nigeria months after and saw his face on virtually all the British news channels. “Serial cannibal killer apprehended”.


Disclaimer: Name has been changed at author’s behest.