Rose Colored Glasses

My name is Opeyemi Badmus and I’m a twenty four year old financial manager. My life is pretty much simple — I go to work, study for my professional exams & write poetry when I’m bored.

I don’t have a good relationship with my mum. The only reason I’m still calm with her is because of what God says about our mothers. She’s been emotionally abusive since I can remember. Sometimes I write poems about how much I wish I had another mother. Of course we have our good times but mostly she is projecting her anger or unhappiness on me.

When I was little, she used to beat me for the most random things. Once, she beat me mercilessly with a pestle for using a pen she had asked me not to. My dad had to step in that day or she’d have probably killed me. Now that I’m grown, the physical abuse has stopped but she still screams at everything and reminds me that i’ll never amount to anything.

I’ve tried speaking to her about this a lot of times but they’ve always ended with tears and more anger. Now, I only visit when I have to. I mostly check in through whatsapp or Facebook. 
That way I’m still in touch but far away too. Most people do not understand, everything they see is through rose coloured glasses.

This is my story. What’s yours?