Participatory organising works.

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Photograph by Silvia Zuur, 2017

Some organisations, like Buurtzorg, were created ‘from scratch’ to be participatory and self-managing. This is a rare opportunity, and the reality is that most of us will have to figure out how to transition our current organizations into something different.

An organization cannot evolve beyond its leadership’s stage of development. — Frederic Laloux

This means that the impulse for the organization’s transition must be initiated by the current leadership, and probably at the level of the CEO. …

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The four of us (Susan, Damian, Kate and Joshua) started working on the idea of Golden Pandas in August 2016. The spark we gathered around was to form a small team that developed products for our collective, Enspiral, and the broader network. We are inspired by the idea of developing open-sourced business models that can provide us with the means to create an abundant livelihood, and help others do the same.

In April 2018 we refactored our business…

Where we came from

Assumptions & Intentions

  1. The Golden Pandas was a Livelihood Pod* with an intention of building a multiplicity of products for the commons
  2. We believed that there was the right amount of complementarity and overlap in our work to make this…

Massage meanderings.

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Photo by Jairo Alzate on Unsplash

Lying on the massage table yesterday I was so annoyed with myself — annoyed that I’d let it get to that stage, that the process was so intense. The merest pressure was instantly releasing me, pops and cracks and deformities were being easily dealt to, and relatively painlessly, surprisingly so considering my ribs crunching. I was thinking WOW I had no idea I was so locked up/congested.

I did know, but was choosing to ignore it.

Instead I’d been focusing on other things, more stuff to put in, rather than the fact that (my) structure had almost calcified in places, was not moving as it should. It slapped me in the face in Yoga class, asked to interlace fingers behind my back bend forward and raise my arms, I couldn’t — not more than a few inches. This was something I could always do! I hadn’t tried to do it for a few years and the shock it gave me was saddening. 2017 was my most challenging year physically — I had surgery in December 2016 which took me 3 months to fully recover from, and then on 31st July I ruptured my L4/L5 vertebrae deadlifting in the gym, another 3 months off. …


Susan Basterfield

Catalyst and Convenor. Experiments in new ways of working and being for everyone. Up for work that matters with people who care.

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