Participatory organising works.

Some organisations, like Buurtzorg, were created ‘from scratch’ to be participatory and self-managing. This is a rare opportunity, and the reality is that most of us will have to figure out how to transition our current organizations into something different.

An organization cannot evolve beyond its leadership’s…


The four of us (Susan, Damian, Kate and Joshua) started working on the idea of Golden Pandas in August 2016. The spark we gathered around was to form a small team that developed products for our collective, Enspiral, and the broader network. …

Massage meanderings.

Lying on the massage table yesterday I was so annoyed with myself — annoyed that I’d let it get to that stage, that the process was so intense. The merest pressure was instantly releasing me, pops and cracks and deformities were being easily dealt to, and relatively painlessly…

I want to hear what you see.

I see some things, and hold a few opinions that appear to be backed up by others, in the form or quotes, anecdotes, clichés, or random musings.

One is that we are differentiated, and that our lives have meaning only through what we…

Almost a year ago, I was invited by Ved Krishna to Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, to experience a remarkable company, connected by values and love, with a vision of bringing a non-hierarchical way of being to the most hierarchical country on earth. Mango Season was reportage of that experience.

I returned…

This week, a question/provocation appeared in my inbox:

Hi Susan!

What is your philosophy behind your phrase: ‘to eliminate all suffering at the workplace’?

Why not, ‘to help people find more joy in the workplace’?

Excuse the crappy paraphrasing.

I hope you don’t misread my curiosity for criticism. I’m asking…

Travelling at night by train from Toronto to Montreal (a journey I imagine would be beautiful in daylight), I wrote about my enlightening time in Toronto. …

Those of you who know me or follow my journey understand the fact that I live on a small island in the South Pacific doesn’t preclude me from building virtual relationships that eventually turn into a heartful real-life embrace. …

How we wrote a book without ever having met….

Last July, Travis Marsh ignited a dream which saw our collective work presented at SXSW. Our collective work not in the sense of anything we’d particularly produced, but the work that energizes our souls, and keeps us up at night. The…

I had a vision of tossing the wreath into the centre (the centre of what I don’t know) like a frisbee, watching it’s spin and arc — smooth and fast, before settling onto the lush dew-laden grass. A provocation; an invitation.

Consider the wreath, the circle, the un-finished sphere. The within and the without. Our place for dreaming, learning, noticing.

Is the wreath our talking stick? Our talisman? Our witness?

Susan Basterfield

Catalyst and Convenor. Experiments in new ways of working and being for everyone. Up for work that matters with people who care.

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