What Does It Mean to Bring Your ‘Whole Self’ to Work?

This is a great piece — I love the personal examples. Here’s an extract from Frederic Laloux’s piece in Leadership and Change

only the 1/16th masculine/rational is valued

The masculine is appreciated; it means resolve, determination, being clear, looking forward and not backwards. The feminine entails: questioning, vulnerability, caring, nurturing. At work, we show up in our masculine outfit.
We also have an emotional, intuitive, rational and spiritual side. The rational is appreciated in the workplace, but we are supposed to leave emotions, intuitions and spiritual considerations at home.
So, we end up showing this very narrow rational masculine ego side of ourselves only. That’s 1/16th part of our whole selves, if these rational images resemble reality. When that is the case, we show up with 1/16th of our energy and passion.
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