The #1 thing open source projects miss to survive
Jaime Arredondo

I like your article.

I trying to run an open hardware community! However, this open hardware seems to be out of reach for most people. For a start, the open hardware project is en highly efficient electric motor/generator. Second; I probably did not do everything to have it accessible and of these thing is setting up a forum and/or wiki.

Today, I concentrate more on my electric motor/generator project and my website is not updated and outdated. I have no time to update since I’m doing everything. Also, having no help from outside, does not help! :)

Open Hardware project is not easy if the price tag of the product is high even if it’s justified. Also, if you do not have the money to work on it full time, how fast can this project by ready!?! One open hardware project that does seem to work: There product is not a product that will sell like an apple, orange or cake. Looking at it carefully, this company is founded in part or in whole by the father’s owners. Today, they get more and more attention and I’m happy for them. My point is you need to have a lot of money to start and run an open hardware community and/or company.

Having writing all this, I will keep this webpage in my Favorite and return to it when the “product” is ready. Maybe then, if I prove that it works, maybe then will I have people helping out!


Donald Wright