Historical weather data and cases of its application

Speaking about the weather is one of the most popular themes for conversation. During the last decades people have used to check weather forecasts to decide what to wear going outside, and moreover weather forecasts are widely used in various spheres of human activity. Historical weather data occupies some specific detached position in meteorology; however this kind of weather data has a wide range of application not any less than current weather and forecasts.

Not wishing to stay away from the current trends and in an effort to provide our clients with the data they are interested in the most convenient way, some time ago the company OpenWeatherMap has introduced its new service which provides weather historical data for more than 30,000 cities for the last 5 years. You can quickly download data for any period and for several locations at a time.

Now you can simply choose a city (or several cities) and download an archive, which contains a bulk file with the weather history up to 5 years — any day, week or even several years.

Here we consider only some cases of historical weather data application.

  1. Analysis of weather history for decision making about climate appropriacy for growing of certain agricultural species: any agricultural form has its own crucial set of different weather phenomena, such as possibility and frequency of drought, rain and hail, highs and lows of seasonal temperature fluctuation. Thus when planning to settle a farmland one needs to have a full command of historical weather data which is of decisive importance here.

2. Agricultural insurance and risk management: forecasting and risk analysis require huge data arrays for vast territories during a substantial period of time.

3. Tourism business: when planning far-away and expensive trips beforehand one realizes that the service which shows historical weather in a destination point is highly useful as usually long-term forecasts have little accuracy and mostly they depict a tendency in weather change.

4. Drivers’ behavior on the road: systems for control of drivers’ behavior on the road become more widespread. Leading car companies develop more sophisticated electronical security systems where cars receive intelligence and additional “sense organs”. At incident investigation and determining of relevancy of drivers’ behavior in some particular situation, the weather information for the time of an occurred case can be of great significance.

Could you please pay your attention that our historical weather data is available not only for developers! Everyone can get this data in a form convenient for reading and immediate use. For that while downloading a file choose csv format and then you can open the file in Excel or any similar program and arrange it to your desire.

It facilitates instant representing of received weather information without any additional processing.