Intellectual management of buildings. Weather API


Intellectual management of buildings simultaneously solves 2 crucial tasks: it lets decrease electric power cost and reduce CO2 emission and it all together has a positive effect on ecology.
For the present moment there exist ready solutions which allow reasonable management of all the equipment: lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, secure systems, etc.
Effective tools of monitoring observe functioning of a building in real-time mode: the tools calculate energy consumption, analyze current technical issues, trace surplus of CO2 and its emission.
The analysis of data received with the monitoring tools also implements management of processes taking place in buildings remotely. For getting actual information, one needs only to launch a browser.

And here an easy access to a huge storage of data arrays is really necessary: data of different kinds comes constantly and is being processed in real-time mode.
Our OpenWeatherMap team is happy to know that our development of weather APIs which are used as a part of global solutions in such projects throughout the world contributes to increasing of energy effectiveness and thus helps to improve ecological situation.

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