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As the Internet has expanded over time, regulatory bodies, due to the centralized power in their hands, across multiple nations have censored a variety of websites and applications as per their will. Given the impact that the Internet, especially social media, has on its users and way it influences people’s decisions, it’s crucial that people have free access to information on the internet.

The internet, without a doubt, has been a revolution that contributes a major chunk to most of the technological advancement that we see around, but sadly, it’s highly centralized. It wasn’t supposed to be so, but the power has eventually landed in the hands of a few companies/parties that mediate a major part of the internet. …

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We are excited to announce the winners of #BuildOnOpenWebNetwork campaign. We received multiple entries for a wide variety of websites including time tested web wallets to POC for a decentralised social media to domain explorer being built on OpenWeb Network.
A total of 9 website entries with unique concepts solving different problems:

dcdn.ow — Decentralised CDN for OpenWeb Network Websites
It is common to use CDN services for website development. …

We are glad to announce the airdrop campaign of OpenWeb Token on Bithance Exchange. OpenWeb Token holders can now receive up to 3% token airdrop for their $OWT and $OWTX holding on Bithance.

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To qualify for the reward, you need to deposit OpenWeb Token(OWT or OWTx) or buy OpenWeb Token on Bithance exchange. Daily snapshots will be taken for 15 days at random times every day starting 14 October 2019.

Dates: 14–28 October 2019

Eligible Tokens: Both OWT, OWTX


Every OpenWeb token holder on Bithance exchange will be eligible for airdrop reward. …

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