Hot Appetizers — Top Dishes in Brooklyn, NY

Appetizers play prelude to a meal — they flirt with taste buds, and do not necessarily commit to any lasting engagement. Rather; they prepare you for the main course; after making you crave for them more. They are at their best when they are served in reduced quantity, and when they constitute of specifically those products; which do not necessarily make you immediately feel bulky.

Having said that, if you eat quickly, you should rework on your eating habit before tucking into appetizers for when you are mind way eating main course; you might already feel full. In our earlier coverage, we talked about some of the most interesting and popular cold appetizers in Brooklyn, NY. This time, we cover the hot ones — chilling hot, smoky fresh. Read on, the list does not cover the extensive portfolio of almost all the popular hit appetizers and include the ones popular elsewhere as well. Therefore, in case you have ideas to expand on the list, we welcome your comments.

· Smoked Salmon Canapés
· Warm Artichoke and Bean Dip
· Chinese Dumplings
· Red Pepper Triangles with Italian Relish
· Roasted Pepper, Feta, and Basil Bruschetta
· Street Tacos
· Stuffed Meatballs & Mozzarella Scoops
· Egg rolls

When it comes to smoking hot, ready to eat and indulge into appetizers, never lose a single chance to try out their awesome variants available in the Turkish Mediterranean cuisines. Turkish appetizers are a world on their own; with a portfolio of awesomely delicious products. In Turkish cuisine, these mini-courses are known as ‘meze’ (meh’-ZEH’). When dining out, these food items are served on a huge tray for diners to choose from. The ‘meze’ are then served one by one. ‘Meze’ is eaten slowly accompanied with good drinks and of course with a good conversation.

The first round of ‘meze’ are made of cold selections, followed by a second round of hot dish. Some of the popular Turkish appetizers (cold and hot) include the following -

· Feta cheese
· grilled eggplant salad
· strained yogurt with herbs and garlic
· stuffed vine leaves
· stuffed squash flowers
· salted sardines in olive oil
· octopus salad
· fried mussels and calamari with tarator sauce
· grilled calamari
· vegetarian lentil meatballs
· stuffed vine leaves
· Bite-sized Turkish cheeseless pizza

The list covers only a few of the popular appetizers. If you are in Brooklyn and want to explore the awesome choices of hot and cold appetizers from the Turkish menu, we recommend you visit Opera Cafe & Lounge. An extremely professional service, awesome collection of foods and a restaurant with an ambiance; this longue is simply the best choice for authentic Turkish starters, appetizers and main course. Give it a visit to experience a fully filled dining.

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