Deepdive in Blockchain

Operal Switzerland
2 min readNov 6, 2022


currently we retired 100kg CO2 for every download of the game. We retired the two times already. On
july 1st we retired 76 tons of CO2*
november 6th we retired 30 tons of CO2
november 26th we retired 18t CO2
on december 2nd we retired 10 tons

and we keep on retiring every week! Check the updates here

*We promised to retire 10kg per download but we felt like we wanted to retire 100kg per download. How can this be verified. It is easy. The blockchain is the immutable ledger that proofes the retirement of the carboncredit. The blockchain has a blockexplorer that shows transparently every transaction. Here you can see the transcation of the first retirement.

Lets dig deep and explain the different things here

  1. is the date and time of the transaction / retirement
  2. is the amount of CO2 that has been retired, in this case 75.7 tons
  3. is the project that has provided the carbon credits. If you click here you can see the Verra identification number which will lead to project TCO2-VCS-1715–2013 which is the project in the inner mongolia Wu’erqihan Conversion of logged to protected forest project) in the second retirement you see that we retired in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. this are the cost for the blockchain transaction of retirement, THESE ARE NOT THE COSTS OF THE CARBON CREDIT. For every transaction on the blockchain you need to pay a fee. Here is the fee we paid for this transaction of retirement of the carboncredits that we bought before.
  5. is the address that made the transaction. In this case this is the address of our company Operal
  6. here you can dig deeper and see the message we connected to this retirement

if you click on see more you can choose on decode input data

If you have done this you see the message that we connected to this retirement.

the message is:

100x retirement. For every download of our game 100kg instead 1kg. On the occasion of EarthOvershootDay as announced on Twitter

Here are the clicktrough instructions on video.