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Originally posted by Dave Bell at on 04 October 2020

Career woman using her smartphone
Career woman using her smartphone

Change is a Constant

Recently I’ve been asked for various forms of career advice, from both newcomers and industry veterans alike. I’ve been asked for help with everything from reviewing resumes, to general advice on possible employer changes and even major career changes. These requests have been increasing, but the only (somewhat) common denominator so far seems to be the Pandemic. Normally there is an uptick in people making career moves in January and February, but perhaps people are getting a head start. I’ve recently pulled the trigger on my own job change…


While we’re all adjusting to the suddenly new normal of working from home, there’s another challenge that isn’t often discussed: asynchronous remote work. The Team I’m currently with is global, including folks in the US, Europe, and Australia. Luckily for me, my teammates figured out how to tackle this long before I showed up. Once I understood the rhythms and processes, things continued to run like a well-oiled hacking machine. We’re a Red Team, but there’s nothing really unique about the tools or processes we use…this could work for any asynchronous team. …

Let’s talk leadership

First, let’s get this out of the way: I’m not telling anyone how to lead. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned after so many years with Red Teams, it’s that no two environments or situations are the same. Leadership isn’t easy, and what works in one situation may backfire spectacularly in another. This effect is dramatically amplified during a crisis. I’m writing this as we’re in the early stages of grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic here in the US. …

Good Point

A couple of days after posting my experiences working remotely, I saw a tweet from @jack_daniel that made an excellent point:

As it turns out, I have also been managing remotely over the last four years, and have learned some things along the way. Not only do I work remotely, but my team is spread across three continents: North America, Europe, and Australia. Some team members do spend time in local offices, while others work remotely full-time. This mixture essentially means we treat everyone as remote, and have a standard way of doing things so everyone knows what to…

After about five years of working remotely full time, I’ve learned a few things, and would like to share them with the community. As the COVID-19 virus begins to spread through communities in the US, many companies are experimenting with keeping a large portion of their workforce home, at least temporarily. This means that many more people will get the opportunity to try out this “work from home gig,” and will likely experience a bit of a learning curve. …

Dave Bell

Partner at Blackthorne Consulting; Former Red Team Director at GE and US Navy; Advisory Board member; Opinions are my own.

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