A Rrom Baró’s Daily Duties

Review the dreams that kept the night,
Thank for being able to awake,
Beat the dust of the body inside and out,
Stretch and awaken the body,
Honour the divinity that unites all things meditating on emptiness,
Clean the house with maximum precision,
Honour the multiple deities taking the body to its limits,
Bath, oil up with perfumes, learn to express yourself in your own smell
Scent the house with incense and honour the house with humidity,
Break the fast lightly with a tea that matches your current temperament,
Gardening watering vegetables and ploughing land,
Read and write to the ancestors, praise their good deeds and learn their lessons
Feed the animals paying attention to their feelings,
Break the fast with fruits and breads while start cooking for everyone,
Respond to the letters from contemporaries,
Receive visits of those who need you, attention to what and how they need
Help at least two deserving ones,
Exercise breathing, inhale remembering love and exhale forgetting
Feed slowly and thanking to the sacrificed for your nutrition,
Read worldly texts,
Read and write to the contemporary in order to prevail the common justice,
Practice your gift until the sun rests always paying honours to your body,
Thank the possibility of exerting your gift chanting,
Receive or visit the wise,
Practice ablutions and libations with sacred herbs,
Think about the worst evils existing,
Sound music and cook,
Feed lightly exercising appeasement through breathing,
Read and write for future generations,
Lengthen the body by relaxing it,
Take care of the body of your beloved ones,
Satisfy the desires of beauty and pleasure of your beloved partners,
Thank meditating the day that you were permitted to have,
Always according to the needs of the time…