THURSDAY January 26, 2017–1455 days to go

Some Indivisible groups across the country are asking their members to make climate-themed valentines to their own senators and congressmen.

Examples would be

“You’re so hot (because climate change is real)”
“Roses are red, the earth blue and green. But it won’t be much longer if we don’t keep it clean,”
“Love your planet.”

I am encouraging valentine making parties and collecting pictures to get media coverage.


1) Create Valentine’s Day cards to your local Senators and Representatives with #climatefacts on them
2) Send a picture and the number of cards you’re sending to Washington DC to
3) Send your cards out next week

I’d like to have everything collected by Wednesday (Feb. 1) so we can have a timely media blitz and get some attention for climate change!

PLEASE SHARE with your friends across the country so they can share with their own local Indivisible groups. I’m confident we’ll get 100s of Valentines but I’d really like to get thousands.

Operation 1461 is a project focused on Action Items to oppose Trump’s destructive agenda. If he serves a full term, Donald Trump will be our president for 1461 days. Let’s use each day to drive toward progressive causes instead of “hoping for the best.”

All information intended to be shared.


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