Get Ahead of Poverty with the Õpet Chatbot

By Charlotte Kng

Education is the most primitive gateway to an endless stream of opportunities, yet there are so many who are still deprived of it. Take India for example, the K-12 system — largest in the world with 253 million students enrolled in 1.4 million schools — may be the most widely adopted education system by far but is so sorely lacking in the quality of education it is offering.

Major Problem 1: Lack of Access

It could be due to a lack of access to educational resources; a massive proportion of out-of-school children are from disadvantaged groups such as the Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Class (OBC), just to name a few. Because of historical marginalization, these children have faced deprivation, oppression, extreme social isolation, and needless to say, full-fledged education has never been something that they’d even dare to dream of having.

Rural and remote habitats in India have also been plagued with an enormously high drop-out rate due to poverty, gender disparities, malnutrition and a painful lack of educational amenities. Children growing up in these areas may have the strongest desire to be educated, yet it is almost impossible for them to gain access to this necessity simply because of the environmental hindrances.

Major Problem 2: Lack of Quality

It’s India we’re talking about; we’re not expecting a first world standard when it comes to scrutinizing their quality of education. However, the inadequacy in the current standards of education offered in schools can really do with an additional push. Teachers may sometimes be lacking, curriculums are not always the most relevant and child-centered education almost doesn’t exist. Students, especially the ones who learn at a different pace from the majority, end up being trapped helpless in this limbo where they either fall behind, or fall out.

Õpet AI Chatbot — The Answer to Inclusive, Accessible, Quality Education for All

At the core of these inadequacies lie two issues: lack of affordability and effectiveness of the education system. Whilst the current landscape is not the most conducive for resolving these issues, modern digital interventions like the Õpet Chatbot possibly can.

As a blockchain-based educational companion running on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Õpet Chatbot might be India’s only hope in providing personalized academic tutors for each of its student at an approachable price. The chatbot is served in the form of an interactive mobile application — compatible with both IOS and Android-run devices — and will be available anytime, anywhere and for anyone; time and pace would not matter anymore.

The most attractive feature of the Õpet Chatbot is the fact that its pilot version is tailored specifically to fit the curriculum of India’s academic system; this essentially means that every single student holding on to an account with Õpet’s Chatbot would always have access to personalized supplementary materials AND academic assistance, enabling more effective revision and learning regardless of their background; inclusive education will finally be in.

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