My 2015 was great. It has been fast but I was able to do so much more than in previous years because of the right conditions (not having school work and having a less demanding job.) I did a lot of self-learning this year in particular, Linux (finished the Edx course), Git (finished the Udacity one), Python (Python projects), C (Head first C) and C++, in addition to learning about algorithms and data structures in general. I still need to practise all these things I have learnt . I have had a lot of practise using python on (currently…

My Coding Journey

Coding is the new literacy. That’s a fact! Why? Analytical thinking skills are crucial in a the modern work place and coding helps you to hone that.

My programming journey started with Java. Why did I start learning? I can’t remember to be honest but I think it has to do with my friend learning and getting certification in Java from GNT ( a computer training institute). I started learning like I learn most things. I found a good book and went from chapter to chapter, took notes along the way and sometimes! did exercises. It was good, I was…


Striving for Mastery

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