#Selftalks: The kind I give to myself when I am feeling lazy and distracted

  1. Things only work for workers
  2. God does not use lazy people for his glory, so don’t waste his investments upon your life
  3. Let God be the judge of your progress. Let him be the one to tell you when to stop working. Not your friends and not even yourself
  4. You will not go far in life when you compare yourself with others
  5. Work! Work!! Work!!! You cannot afford to fail your generation
  6. Please be informed, dear Ope, that a lot of qualified people are waiting to take your place and you could be easily replaced by them if you do not work hard to deliver excellence
  7. Your lack of adequate and proper planning will lead you into the dungeon of failure smoothly
  8. Do not expect to reap where you have not sown
  9. In all labour there is profit but the talk of the lips tends to penury
  10. No matter how talented you are, if you do not work very hard, your failure will be raised to power 100000. Invest your comfort into hardwork
  11. Now that you have the strength invest it wisely and don’t spend it sleeping and watching Battle ground or Jenifa’s diary
  12. You have been favored by God to see today Ope, don’t take it for granted.
  13. Focus! Focus!! Focus!!! Clarity brings focus, so focus!

I’ll never stop speaking these words to myself until they become life and character in me…

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