Developer and Operation tools I love, today: ATOM

The sun is shining here in Hamburg, it is Monday and soon it goes into a longer vacation .. ok enough from my private life, it has already been a long time since I last reported from my favorite tools and gadgets.

In recent months, my setup has already changed, especially through new colleagues who have shown me a lot, which was new to me, as well as my focus has changed from PHP development to Operating (DevOps) and writing smaller ones tools and scripts.

So a good time for a small series about tools and gadgets I love and use on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the text editor of choice

Previously on Windows, it was actually Notepad++ today I swear on Atom! But what are the advantages of Atom?

  • Extensions in abundance (docker, bash, esLINT, Git integration, Elixir, …) So far, nothing has been synonymous with syntax highlighting etc. was missing.
  • Very active community (3900+ packages with extensions and themes)
  • Runs with macOS, Windows and Linux
  • It’s OpenSource
  • A Beautiful design
  • Shortcuts!
  • Used by many others in my environment.

What does it look like? Here is an example with Git extension (good overview what was just changed) and esLINT for a React-Native project (without I do not want to develop anymore).

The only downside, the speed can not keep up with the VIM or EMACS, but in days of SSDs and massive RAM no real problem.

Short and crisp, that was it today. Think a few parts will follow, also with the focus on hardware and other non-work related gadgets.

Now it’s your turn, your most loved editor??