Mini Mission 1: Analysis and reflection
Digital Society admin

I decided to choose option 1B ‘Google Yourself’ for this Mini Mission.

I already googled myself a year ago when I was looking for an Internship in the Web-Marketing field. I was aware that companies will search my name on Google to have information on me and I wanted to see the results they were going to obtain.

Some results that appeared were unprofessional such as old blogs that I created during my childhood. It was nothing really compromising, only articles about movies and this kind of things, but as I was little at that time, it was really poorly written and it was definitely not what I wanted companies to see. After this, I decided to fill the Google right to be forgotten form to indicate which results I did not want to be associated with my name anymore. A few days later, those results no longer appeared on Google.

I thought it was interesting to Google Myself again and see if now, everything looks like what I want it to look when I type my name on Google.

The first two results that I now have are my Facebook page and my LinkedIn page. There are also websites such as Medium or websites related to my academic life. (degree / article about exchange program) 
I am satisfied by those results because my Facebook page is well set and private, and results such as LinkedIn are positive results.

However, new things appeared since I first Googled myself, which I am not really happy with. When I Google myself followed by my home town (I didn’t do it the first time), I can find an old picture of me posted on a blog of one of my friend. I can also find my name on one or two brand websites. As I want only professional results to appear, I will fill Google form again so that these results no longer appear.

What I learn from this Mini Mission is that it is really important to be aware of our footprint and to regularly check the results we obtain when we Google ourselves.

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