Open Letter To The Electoral College

A lot of people are not aware that the vote that took place on November 8th, 2016, is not the actual vote that elects a president. The vote that does this comes from the Electoral College. We have 538 US Citizens who are currently among the most powerful people in this nation. They have control over who is actually going to be our 45th president. We, as US Citizens are able to vote, however, a lot of these votes literally do not even count. For example, a vote for Clinton in a deep red state is worthless, at least when it comes to deciding who is going to be our next president. It really comes down to how the electoral college votes. The people chose Hillary Clinton, as she won the popular vote with unprecedented numbers. But it is up to the Electoral College to name the president of our great nation.

Many people want to ban the electoral college and let one US Citizen vote actually count as a vote. Without the Electoral College, it would be President Elect Hillary Clinton. I am pretty sure Republicans are glad the Electoral College exists in this election, however. Or, maybe not.

Even though there are some laws in states that bind each elector to vote based on a pledge, they can actually change their vote. These are called Faithless Electors. Faithless Electors are rarely punished and I believe the maximum fine would be $1000. And even this is said to be against the constitution which is probably why it is never (or at least rarely) enforced.

Our Founding Fathers were pretty damned smart. When they created the Electoral College, it was mainly for a safeguard to protect our country from an unqualified or unfit nominee to win the presidency. Our Founding Fathers made sure there was a safeguard in place.

Federalist №68 is the continuation of Hamilton’s analysis of the presidency, in this case concerned with the mode of selecting the United States President. He argues for our modern conception of the Electoral College, though in the case of an Electoral tie, the power would be given to the House of Representatives to vote on the election of the president.
In justifying the use of the Electoral College, Hamilton focuses on a few arguments dealing with the use of the Electoral College instead of direct election. First, in explaining the role of the general populace in the election of the president, Hamilton argues that the, “sense of the people”, through the election of the electors to the Electoral College, should be a part of the process. The final say, however, lies with the electors, who Hamilton notes are,
“Men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”
Therefore, the direct election of the president is left up to those who have been selected by the voters to become the electors. This indirect election is justified by Hamilton because while a republic is still served, the system allows for only a certain type of person to be elected president, preventing individuals who are unfit for a variety of reasons to be in the position of chief executive of the country.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Trump is neither qualified, nor is he fit to hold the office of the president. Alexander Hamilton is now looking directly at each of the 538 electors, hoping they will do the right thing and keep this unqualified and unfit presidential elect, out of office. It is each of these elector’s constitutional duty to deny Donald Trump a seat in the Whitehouse. This is literally their job right now if they are American Patriots, believers in the Constitution, and have faith that our Founding Fathers did the right thing safeguarding this beloved country.

On December 19th, 2016 we will be able to determine who the true patriots were, and who were not. And this election will be a huge part of history and their names will be tied to this until the end of our existence. What legacy they leave behind for their children will be etched in stone until humans no longer exist. This election is that important.

Veteran and Patriot,

D Lane Taylor

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