An Attack on No

2014-No be the name of misfortune rejection and certitude. Calamity is its full name, no is just a surname to mock us with its simplicity. It favors hate over desire. Who can love to loathe. Only the mutated in morals can and they do and they say no. It’s cruel but they don’t mind what or how you judge, they just ignore, they’re ignorant of all but see nothing and they are just thing without their precious no. We use the word to give veto, to present disavow of something we asked or mentioned with the hope of the most beautiful accepting word, Yes. But no is stronger because its burn is deeper harsher and scaring. Its residue takes longer to heal and we hate it for that nearly tangible reason. Horror and sadness come with no but yes is bliss like candy when you’re young. Yes is assumption expectation we hoped for and when we hear it we forget but no lingers in the mind like a disease. No is evil and it lurks in the shadow of happiness ready and willing to pounce and kill joy. Just see and take it as it comes, it’s the only way to not live in fear of the two-letter one syllable leviathan.

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