The same men drink the same beer in the same place.
The abstract rage of manhood
Looks fun but these guys are douches


2014-The search for Acceptance is possibly the most raging and out of control of human emotions. In the modern age men fend off the castrating self-esteem feeding dragon by seeking shelter in small groups during the curious years just after college. These huddles in emotional caves are our friends, our boys.

The dwellers of the cave are usually of the same sex and we are willing to die in that familiar yet dramatic diving affront the bullet for anyone of them interchangably. Weather metaphorical or physical and all too real in its entirety, we are ready to sacrifice for their well being as time spent together welds into a seemingly unbreakable bond of tungsten. We bask in the drunken blur of comradery until the bell tolls and the self-fulfilling fruit comes along and takes the multiple’s bond and replaces yet strengthens it ten fold.

We lock eyes with the vixen that charms us into monogamy and suddenly she not they is the emotional brethren we lean on in times when the rain of life feels like fire. The boys we make a point to drink with, accompany on various escapades, and show our uncensored selves to, are the formers of our manhood.

The foundation of The Boyz Crew is built upon a dynamic make up of who, what, why, where, when, and how. There are seven of us which is a lucky number in itself and in turn that creates a compound extraordinarily stable and in sync. The categorization of each as follows.

How is James, How do I become successful?(app development to hedge-fund) Where is Miggy, Where do I go to become successful? (Berkeley, Haas) Nick is what, What do I do to experience pleasure and success?(Be carefree and I will auspiciously yet accidently manipulate people towards own gain) Brandon is who, Who do I follow to become successful? (Take orders then pounce and take over) Aaron is when, When am I living? (I will take root in trends and fads and yet maneuver to the whims of the technological forefront and always remain part of “the current” so that one day I may control it. Lastly Oliver. I know him quite well. Oliver is why, why do I need success?(I don’t need to be successful just esteemed) This is the working organism of our clique dissected.

We are all unique and the same. I feel sick in writing that contrasting cliche but truth consumes that statement. We are part of a dynamic makeup, a formula of concentrated efforts in different and the same direction as we are different parts of the same unit. The same concept behind our directions is success. The diversity is in how we assume to get there.

P.S. Jim is WTF or Who, Who am I? What, What is a Jim? Why, Why is a Jim a Jim? Where, Where is a Jim? I don’t see one. When, When is a Jim? How, How did Jim become Jim? Otdo Jim can’t think so Jim just say random stupid crap all the time. Jim is the jeered member of our cohorts and he has since lost his sanity.

In the end we are all part of a Crew, intrinsically well accumulated without any real explanation; in meaning and rational, purely ambiguous.