Influenced by many Books

2015-The bible is one book. Religion is dangerous because it makes people base their entire lives on one book. In the end you need a combination to create anything worthwhile. Everything is apart and one with everything so your failures would be nothing without your triumphs. Your sadness would be nothing without happiness and your fears would be nothing without bravery. More simply put life would be nothing without death. Don’t try to put everything into categories. Accept that the only importance of the Venn diagram is the overlapping. The things opposite to one another are the same because of their inverse relation to their polar benefactor. The having of both the opposite spectrum and the near twin of another is what creates anything worthwhile. Intellectuals read more than one book and because of that they are able to think at higher tears of thought than the average man, because they have been exposed to the work and writings of many great men, at least more than the scribblers of the bible’s text. If you’re going to base your life on a bunch of pages make it 100 book’s not one. Don’t base everything you think feel and live by on 1,000 pages. Base it on 100,000 pages.

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