Words in the Begining

2014-The best book you’ve ever read is always one of the first twenty you ever get through. Just to be clear, we’re talking adult books people .

This is because the depth of new realization is deeper due to you yourself being shallower from lack of reference and experience to such a meager amount of run-ins with other great writers. The depth of books will progressively dwindle because as the source of reference gets more and more inflated or bloated you start to calculate great parallels, or lesser although related comparisons. Pattern recognition takes hold and flexes to obscene strength.

You yourself in who you are will change with time. With this change so will your outlook and reasoning of logic and meaning as well as an understanding of people at different ages or the sheer representation of entertainment or knowledge itself. As everything appears to become connected the effect of awe will wither. It’s the same with movies and most other art.

The fantastic eye is the only one blessed with the ability to recognize greatness. The rest of us bombard ourselves searching until we inevitably tire of the subject all together. But constant bombardment is much more useful and practical in the attempt of the all-knowing omniscient principal of total reasoning and finding life’s meaning. Surely that is the true reasoning and meaning behind reading. If not why care what any smart person has to say?

Ask yourself whether you think there are countless undescovered greatnesses or only a few every decade. Pessimissm over optimism or optimism over pessimissim?

If that core concept is bankrupt of spiritual morality why not just burry your head in the ground like an ostrich. Intellectuals abstain from this curious behavior because they are brave in trekking into the unknown in total acceptability they may die in purpose and hunt of the golden thought of enlightenment. It is silently accepted that this thought may be gilded the same way 19th century explorations were deadly.

Many try and almost everyone fails but that bravery that leads to failure is worth something.

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