2015-Her eyes twinkle and her hair sparkles. She’s blonde with blue eyes. Two submissive passive physical traits shouting, she’s pure, she’s all with nothing left out. Her face could be an angel’s if it were free of her spunky cute contortion scars that make her that much more human and thus that much more beautiful. She makes imperfections perfections. Scratch that she’s no angel she’s a goddess.

Her skin is light bronze and her figure is hour-glass but its tight and not over the boundaries. It’s fit athletic and perfect. She’s healthy. She could make Michelangelo straight. She’s valuable beyond monetary ceilings. Every curve beckons to the weaknesses of men and enchants them to sweat with cracked voices and paints looks of fear with perplexed countanences of puppy dogs in shock or confusion. She makes men question everything about anything.

Her hair drapes over her left side. It’s thick and straight almost like a waterfall, summer ambers of yellow fire cascading into nothing just like exotic falls too high to see their body reach the ground.

Her lips are rubies and when they open stark pearls neatly in straight rows blind you. She wears bright colors as if she aware she’s in a monumentous bloom. The wither seems so far down the road it almost doesn’t exist in thought or speculation. She’s an ever-exponentialy appreciating stock and I feel like a genius now that I’ve caught the luck of sight to see it. She’s a flower and her blossom’s heyday is still very much in the future. I’d love to see her dilapidation I’m sure it’d be as graceful as they come.

Today the summer breeze doesn’t just make me feel fine it makes me feel exultation. It makes me feel fate and destiny are both chosen and forced upon us. She’s blown into my life an element the fifth element that makes up my world. Earth wind fire water and her.

Her voice makes me happy and her gaze makes me feel as if there’s purpose. She’s there she’s here but she’ll never be close because I’m gone and away in a romantic haze of ridiculousness. But I won’t say its foundationless. Its got a subject and meaning and it can be heard in one gorgeous note of larynx vibrations. But a gentlemen never tells.

She makes me want to forgo my aspirations and goals and get lost in her eyes her beautiful inescapable eyes. She’s there to make it easier but at the same time push me to great things. Behind every great man there’s a great woman and she will be that woman or more likely she will be the great one with a good man by her side. Limitless potential. She makes men turn their heads not in scanning of assets but in confusion of their preconceived facets. She makes people smile but more than that she makes them live longer just by proximity. With her one could overcome death one could fly one could die of joy. I’m impervious until the dream dies.

She’s powerful she controls yet she’s subtle she knows. She’s everything I want. No lust to corrupt I want to know not be in. I want to talk not kiss. I want to gaze into not stare. She’s already there and it’d be a meaningless attempt to cast her out. Intrinsic reverberations envelope me and all I can say or see is her.

She’s made her bed within my psyche and she’ll be there until my subconscious says no but in this beautiful blizzard of smitten I’ll reject gloves because I’ve never felt quite like this new cold makes me feel. The first snowfall that’s made me feel warm and I know deep inside its because we locked eyes and though she doesn’t know it yet we’re made for each other.

Because that’s what love is, its contradiction. It’s emancipation from fear happiness glory logic reason and pride. It’s the one thing that makes the sane insane and insane sane. It’s a red ocean and blue trees and black snow. It doesn’t make sense but we know it when we embrace its cold hot black white good evil cheek. We try not to let go and the best of us never do. Oh my god this feeling.

Its as if I’m just learning to speak just learning to hear just learning to see just learning to touch just learning to taste and just learning to sacrifice myself for another, it’s a new language and its coming natural. I never thought I’d decipher a word but now I can read volumes in seconds and its because of her.

Maybe I’ve mistaken her soul for my future mates whose obviously hopefully mirrors hers but I hope my short search is over for the person I want to try to understand and deal with all things damaging and constructive hand in hand because I think it is in fact her. The person who comforts me and makes it easier and makes it tolerable because alone it feels like I’m about to collapse from the pressure. Maybe she can alleviate this weight and allow me to stand up and see what is the world. A partnership.

Maybe I can help her see the universe forge her destiny and mine own and maybe if all pans out we will merge into one spirit and expand into everything and nothing in a happy destruction of existence. Maybe I’m just a love-sick creep who’s fallen for a false conception that isn’t there. But I don’t believe that. She’s there its pure and I’m writing this without any form of corruption to deceive or betray. I’ve reached inside for the first time pulled out and looked upon my beating heart. I’ve looked it over well and I can say for sure its real, I’m real, shes real. We could be real.

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