An Idea ruptures everything in a fashionable geometric and pretty pattern
The important colors dwell above or around our headspace
Carve a hole to see through

Seaking Your Search Light

There may not be any reason. Think I’ll go shopping to find some. Probably not the best tactic in searching for meaning, but it’s what’s accepted and provided. Not the right way but it’s the widest path through. Where the fuck are the other paths? Gotta find them.

There needs to be more talk about higher meaning and meanings. —

— I wish people would ask or question me more, that way I’d have a better understanding of more things. But those ideas and conversations are lost with people’s unwillingness but mostly incapability of seeing past the world as they know it. I believe everyday you should strive to break down the barriers presented or the walls of what you know, and accept the rubble that is confusion and unsurity.

— It’s maddening but sobering.

But people are comfy when they erect walls around them. It keeps out the monsters and assures safety. But why? Monsters are good. The safety is a façade. We are surrounded. The sky is possible death at every instant, the earth is always moving and rolling over itself, and our primary function is to destroy for growth. But in-between the asteroids, ice ages/volcano eruptions, and war is peace. A Pax Romana and boy is it sweet in the summertime. The summer itself is a reflection of the peace. A calming, easy, simple, season by way of weather.

A relaxation overcomes every person as the sun and sky suddenly feel like a cozy blanket, instead of pins and needles we struggle pulling out of our lives. Scars are always the period at the end of the stinging sentences.

Even the office takes a breather. People go on vacation and they relax because it’s intrinsic in the face of easily copable weather. —

— Sunshine is most special after the storm. —

— Summer is amazing in the face of disorder and evil. At least for a few months when looking into the sky, horror can’t be recognized unless you’re a pluvofile. Gotta admit, the rain is nice.

This weather is making me think differently. Maybe the world and it’s many shades of blowing wind, snow, bloom, and sunshine reflect how and what types of creation take place on its surface. Everything is at least partially a reflection of it’s surroundings. Existence. How can we hope to understand space when our entire being has been evolving to the surface of this third rock from the sun? Got to keep going.

I can’t stop and I won’t. I’ll keep trucking on through the years to come even if it means to accept a lie. I don’t care. I’m addicted to my existence. There is nothing above that. How can there be when it’s all I know meshed and combined into one word?

All I know are my senses my genetics and its past experiences. I’ve done the human task of molding them into one thing, myself. Really what is that though? Wait a sec. Hold on. You know, I’ve just come across a realization. An eureka moment, if you will.

When you question all encompassing words like the universe, existence, and consciousness you’re committing a sin —

A sin in the face of being. —

— How can you question everything you cannot begin to explain? The idea of a question is for such question to be followed by an answer in explanation. You can question such thoughts if you’re willing to try to answer them. If not then just fuck right off and stop wasting everybody’s time with the classic toddler philosophy that ends with a shouting parent, as the meaning of conversation slowly shifts to those three harsh words without any satisfying resolution. If you want to know how somebody thinks ask them why 20 times in a row. I don’t know is weakness. Just a thought.

Every idea man has ever had has been a derivative of his sensory experience along with his past experiences and genetics. So what the fuck, how, and why are all questions that can and will never be answered? Unless someone tells us who claims to have figured it out, how can we even attempt such questions? I’ll only take an alien’s word for it. If they even use words.

The ideas crafted and created by philosophers are but stumbling guesses entirely due to two halves, placement in time and the other three harsh words mentioned earlier. Genetics, man’s senses, and experiences with those senses.

Everything we know is a lie. The only great component of an actor’s face is its complexity with its pleasant ridges and contours by way of bone structure. Defined symmetrical faces are a sign of leadership, but even that is just an opinion. But that could help to explain why we are so easily enchanted by movies. There are countless reasons and possibilities. Hypnotized by the enchantments of the pleasing.

The healthy face is all that matters. The full face and right contours for marriage are what you should seek in a partner. Health over looks. Not fat healthy, not skinny healthy, thick bones and nice thick muscle tone. Everything else falls to the wayside. We shouldn’t seek complex faces and body types sold to us by Hollywood. But since those stipulations and ideas have been ever present in American society, those with curves matching up with health have been given those impossible and impeccable faces that owe themselves to an industry largely in debt to jealously and envy; aka fandom. But there’s art involved in it too. Too many go for fandom instead of story telling or directorial/writer capability. Nobody is appreciating the art. That’s just the way it is.

Personality is important too.

The point is these ideas created by society, and the philosophy forged by philosophers isn’t perfect but that’s a moot point.

You should always see everything that isn’t primal in a very tunneled and finely tuned view/way. You should always see the world with exception to nature, food, the creation of excrement, drive for sex, sleep, and enjoying work as one thing. A lie. Everything else is a lie. Even our dreams, since they too have been permeated by the false world man has created and erected trapping him.

Everything was created not of and therefore outside, these primal motives that evolved by nature and not humanity. —

— View programming not as the new frontier of technology and the advancement of human ability, but as a cult of force by way of industry forging devices to fit basic human needs from a new language. You must learn the language to be part of the cult. —

— Needs that were created and therefore wants and therefore a lie not a fact or need. The Internet and paper were created. So was language. People used to communicate without language. What does that mean? The ramifications of such statement implies: the very foundation for how we think was created eons ago for no purpose other than communal cooperation. The complex growth and sustainability of the organism, by way of super complex organisms or human beings. Patterns reconvening in existence by way of the complexity they make up or us, makes sense.

We need a filter. Philosophy the key to using that lense that lets us see what’s up what’s down, what’s good what’s bad. What’s real? How can we hope to see the light of enlightnment without sunglasses?

You need to protect, shade, cover your eyes so you can see it. You need help. Otherwise, you’re just seeing a blinding rage of white without any context and it keeps you from what lies beyond the scarring light. It’s not glorious with aid from the acessory, but at least it’s truthful. The blinding light is a lie. The world as you know it is blinding. But that can be changed easily with little effort. It’s like the Geico ads, fifteen minutes or more could save you fifteen percent or more of your sainty and sculpt your common-sense. Just check out Plato’s cave.


Or language was presented by cultures to orate the basic statement you are not free, you are a slave. This is a reaching, strange, and unrelated segway but just wait. Without language you wouldn’t know you could be free. You’d simply search for the differences between yourself and your master. If you and your master both had the same hair color and skin tone this could prove problematic since difference isn’t the main idea someone gets when looking at the two of you. But even then you’d search for an answer to why you clean the plates after dinner and scrub the floor. Maybe it’s in bone structure or eye color; or maybe you see four moles on the master’s arm and look at your arm and see only three. And you’d apply that to the reason to why he lays on comfy cushions and you stand fanning holding the grapes. His grapes despite your holding them. Or it could be a thousand different justifcations you’d mold free from physiology and appearance.

We always search for meaning. —

— In the last 500 years people have been given the same stability and downtime to craft academia as the elite Greeks and Romans. In this chunk of time ideas have been thought transcending time and space in their promises and answers to life’s harshest questions, but are they facts or guesses by those super mentally aware? They are guesses and they only provide a small dull light to the path in the darkness by way of false understanding.

You wouldn’t see or know the difference between an abyss and the gravely sound of a foot crunching on the path. It’s nice to have a light but some prefer darkness. The light is useful to those without their faculties. Those who are smart enough to be uncomfortable in every waking moment need a light. Others never collapsed and cried when they found themselves trapped in the darkness. They didn’t see an abyss when the lights went out. They were blinded instead by darkness. They’re happy but they’re ignorant they’re ignorant of the darkness. Reach out in the darkness. Awareness can be a crutch but with the light on the path it can be turned into a muscle.

Great minds of thought only ever took or had guesses. —

— We’ve only been half civilized for half a millennia and that’s being very generous. But right now the sun and the summer looks down and smiles with an open hand we graciously take in pleasant expectation for tomorrow. It may not always be that way but for now it is. And that’s just great.

Find your light. —

Illuminate the path and seek for reason through smart minds and know the entire time you soak in their ideas, greater better evolution of man’s many great thoughts waits dormant stirring within you, concocted precisely to permeate the restless and scared nature of humanity, and comfort that stigma of awareness with a small but powerful and impactful sermon on how to cope with the world. —

Create an idea that everybody can grasp and know and find and you’re golden. That’s my meaning for life and that’s what’s worth searching for. Disreguard everything else for everything else was the journey to that destination. But some say the journey is more important than the destination. Fuck man, it’s subjective! You be the judge. Write your own fucking guess. Don’t rely on anyone else unless you’re stupid. If you’re stupid kill your self. Not really haha, bet you never thought this indulgent bullshit would turn into a trolling. Na, for real find it. It’s the only thing that should be on your list. And if you’re not sure what it is you’re very behind.

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