Automation taking jobs or pivoting careers?

We have all read horror stories about AI taking everyone’s jobs from sales and customer service to transportation and logistics. Okay, first of all, maybe it’s true that there will be no taxi drivers or cashiers at your local store in the future. In some cases, even today. It’s not the end, it’s just a new beginning.

I’m a software developer and what do I really know about how logistics work or how sales process go? Nothing really. We need the people with the experience to tell us how to create these AI products and how to make them efficient. That’s where new businesses are born. You’re not a sales guy anymore, you become an expert in a team developing these new products.

Me and my colleagues are constantly automating our work to get more time to get something else done, not making ourselves useless. Now, if I was a CEO of a big company in these more traditional fields, I would be considering how can I use these experts I already possess in my company to get ahead in the changing business.

Of course not everyone are fitting the bill nor do companies have expert roles for everyone. There are positions outside these companies: Some neutral agent has to monitor the companies’ AI products for safety and legal reasons. And there’s another new field of business.

People working at these positions right now will be very important assets in building the future. Coders code but not without the specs. We have the power to create but not the knowledge and experience in every fucking field in the world. If you’re fearing that you’re losing your job for AI or you’re a CEO in these fields, start pivoting careers. Learn how you can use your experience to develop the future or how you can prepare your people aka. your business for this.

Some perspective: People in these fields have been there for decades, maybe even in the same company. As a software developer, or coder or what have you, I’m already looking for the next move not because I’m not satisfied where I am or because I fear for my job but because I think everyone should.