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karen h

This is 2019. Even major newspapers like the NYT don’t have as many editors as they used to have, and most web outlets have none, or just somebody who gives a cursory look. That has been the case for over 10+ years. On top of this, even relatively well known journalists have to now churn article after article, assembly-line style, and are paid less than what journalists where paid per piece back in the day.

And Medium of course is mainly a self-publish outlet, not an organization with editors, and secretaries, and fact-checkers.

So why anyone would still expect “editors” is beyond me. Perhaps some people are totally alien to how modern news and media outlets work and their budgets.

Not to mention that the mistakes in the article are few and irrelevant to the point. It’s bad form to even mention them, especially if your own comments begins like:

“this article was riddles with errors” (emphasis mine)

Just read the FREE article and keep the editing advice for yourself.