Tell us again about Charleena Lyle, you left out the part about her being mentally ill and attacking those who answered her call with a knife.
I had the pleasure of reading this piece of trash on the day that a woman of color was murdered by…
James McAllen

You say that as if it means anything?

As a European, I can assure you that in a m western country the police wouldn’t have shot a pregnant woman even if she was “insane and attacked them with a knife”. They’re big men trained to actually disarm violent criminals, not shake in fear for their lives like pussies when faced with a mere woman with a knife…

In some developing world backwater place, maybe.

In fact, in all civilized western countries, the idea that a cop can shoot you if they stop you and you happen to get out of the car to talk to them is beyond the pale. Absurd, something that only happens in dictatorships.

Of course it took you until the 60s to quit racial segregation. Who knows, maybe in 2060 or so you’ll be ready to drop the death penalty and the “killing” cops, as is the case in every civilized western country.

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