At least you are here

At least you are here
 And I’m sitting in silence on my own
 Waiting until everybody’s gone
 Only I can see
 What it means to be
 Sitting here in silence on my own
 So I get up when I’m down
 Cos you’re on the other side of the screen.
 And in every day message there’s a light 
 that shines on
 Shines on me 
 and it keeps me warm
 In and out my brain
 Cos you’re my new rainy day
 And I do believe
 I’ve got flare
 And we got speed 
 and we will walk on air
 Paint no illusion,
 clicking with what we got
 Tasting every potion
 Remembering thats Life is precious in a most peculiar way
 So let me take you away 
 cos we just don’t want to stay
 You know these are crazy days 
 but they make us shine
 We know It’s hard enough being alone
 Sitting waiting for memories
 It’s hard enough sitting there
 It’s all too much for us 
 When you’re not there
 So at least you are here
 happy emoji

(By Opium Jones)