8 Brilliant Tricks To Make Laundry Day Smarter and More Efficient

Just because laundry is a chore doesn’t mean it has to take forever. Use these easy tips to make cleaning your threads a breeze.

1- Keep Three Separate Laundry Bags- White, darks and delicates- and sort as you go during the week to streamline laundry day

2- Don’t Use Fabric Softerner On Towels- It will ruin their absorbency.

3- A Splash Of White Vinegar in the last rinse keeps hand-washed items from staying sudsy.

4- Don’t Wash Your Jeans- just stick them in the freezer overnight to eliminate any odor.

5- And to Get Stretched Jeans Back into Shape, run them through the dryer without washing first inside out.

6-Fight Food Stains by blotting them with foaming shaving cream.

7- if a bright-colored item bleeds onto other clothes in the wash, don’t toss them in the dryer. Rewash The Stained Articles without the offending item right away.

8-If you have multiple loads to dry. Start with the Light Weight, More Delicate Items- they are less likely to shrink if you start with a cold dryer.

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