Will Coinbase list ADA next?

Earlier this year, Coinbase announced that they were considering adding BAT, 0x, XLM, ZCASH and Cardano. So far, only BAT and 0x have been added. So which crypto is next? Btw, this is not financial advice by any means.

On Twitter, many investors believes that XLM is the next one added to Coinbase. Why? Because XLM is the largest coin by marketcap and most hyped among all of these. I was also by the same belief until I decided to take a deeper look at all of them above. Why? Because I know that the next crypto added to Coinbase will surge like a NASA-rocket.

The most “obvious” choice would be XLM, but Coinbase does not have the habit of adding the “obvious”. Like their choice of adding ETC, to everyones big shock. All of the coins above is great projects — with smart people behind them.

I believe that the next coin Coinbase lists is the one that suits them the most strategically. XLM is a very similar coin in price to both 0x and BAT, Zcash is very similar in price to Ethereum. You are probably thinking “this hippy who looks at price per token must have been smoking something wack”. I personally don`t look at the price, but Coinbase needs to meet their customers needs, if not they will move their investments else where. At the moment Cardano is priced at 4 cents per token.

The “price strategy” combined with the fact that Cardano is a very solid project that has constantly delivered on time. Cardano is probably one of the tokens that have been most damaged in this bear market. The reason why is that they have not yet released a product and they have not been very good on the marketing. I do belive that this is changing — they are suddenly starting to release podcasts and Q & As. They are also soon to launch their staking platform. Charles Hoskinson has recently said that there is some big announcements coming over the next months. This can be nothing or it can be big!

If Cardano is the next coin listed on Coinbase — then the price probably will surge like a rocket to the moon. I put my money where my mouth is — so I just sold all my XRP and filled my bags up with ADA.

Which coin do you think will be next on Coinbase?